The services and products provided by Glossa Group cover the entire range of digital and verbal intercultural communication. We offer professional solutions for permanently setting up your documentation in all languages and formats and many more related to the possibilities of multilingual understanding.

Glossa Group sees itself as a mediator and communicator between languages and cultures, and with its expertise, instruments and resources actively promotes international understanding and the integration of people from different origins in our society.

For many years we have specialised in language services, localisation and the application and sale of language technologies. We have special expertise in the application, implementation and adaptation of modern translation workflow systems. We have closely followed its development and growth from the very beginning and have contributed to its success.

Our company headquarters are located in Hamburg. We are represented in all important regions of the world. Most of our employees are technical translators, linguists and interpreters, specialised in project coordination with professional knowledge of translation memory tools and state-of-the art translation communication systems.

The team is augmented by engineers, technical editors, web specialists, programmers and graphic designers.

Together we are in a position to cover all areas ranging from conventional and/or online documentation and preparing electronic catalogues in the Internet/Intranet to digital printing and multimedia productions and commercial films.

Our quality management procedures are based on two synchronised strategies:

  1. automation and generalisation on procedural level and
  2. differentiation and focus on detail in selecting human resources and in assessing their work.

Some of the companies that rely on the services of Glossa Group: