The entire integration spectrum

Glossa Group offers the entire spectrum of instruments, measures and qualified persons required for the integration process.

This spectrum covers the use of sworn interpreters at the initial reception and registration of personal details for applying for political asylum or status as a refugee, and the certified translation of personal documents such as birth certificates, family registers, ID cards and passports, as well as qualified language learning services and courses on social studies, the labour market and training issues, housing, mobility and consumer-related topics. And last but not least, integration measures with personal supervision in the sport, culture and leisure areas, as well as profiling to determine the personal and professional abilities and skills of persons eligible for aid. In-house foreign-language profilers and translators view, assess and translate (certified) the educational und qualification certificates. The final integration process into the labour market is carried out through the provision of temporary employment and placement, competences which are both well-anchored at Glossa Group.

Based on the fact that Glossa Group can cover all integration steps completely and independently, they all build up and interlink harmoniously. The "all services from one source" principle not only improves the orientation and focus of the persons eligible for aid and thus results in better integration successes, but also leads to a significant increase in efficiency and thus saves time and reduces coordination and administration work for the relevant public authorities.

In addition, the unique linguistic/cultural competence of Glossa Group ensures that there is a continuous supervision of those in need, inherent to their own culture and language, in order to overcome obstacles, so that the integration chances also increase significantly thanks to this competence. The reliability and quality of the statements about persons, their motivation and qualifications also increase. Uncertainties about persons and imprecise profiles are eliminated to the greatest possible extent. The relevant public authorities can work with usable information.



Training modules

Labour market integration

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