No matter whether simultaneously before a large audience or at a whisper during negotiations conducted in small private groups, consecutively during a plant tour or a training session, in a booth at a conference or at a court trial: our internationally experienced interpreters will support you in your endeavours and make a decisive contribution to your success.

Conference interpreting

Glossa Group has established long-term relationships with conference interpreters all over the world and is cooperating with official institutions, associations and larger interest groups in conferences and large-scale events with international guests.

Thanks to partnerships with technical suppliers, in addition to providing simultaneous interpreters, Glossa Group is also able to provide complete technical support (determination of requirements, set-up and disassembly of simultaneous interpretation equipment, headphone equipment, etc.) for these types of events.

Liaison interpreting

Decisions of particular importance, such as the takeover of a competitor, founding of a subsidiary company, participation in a tender, staff interviews, selection of suppliers, general business negotiations and similar situations, cannot be made without a precise knowledge of the language, subject matter and country-specific customs and traditions.

Glossa Group liaison interpreters operate worldwide and are available to you with their specific expertise, language skills and cultural skills. Our professionalism guarantees your success!

On-site plant interpreting

Wherever individual units are combined to form larger systems, such as the set-up of energy production facilities, and wherever different steps or methods are necessary to complete a project, training sessions for company employees at overseas production facilities, e.g. for the customer's technical staff, are essential.

Glossa Group helps you turn your training sessions into the effective tool they are supposed to be and to: communicate know-how, ensure quality assurance, prevent dangerous situations, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure that resources are always used to capacity.

Court interpreting

Judicial disputes in civil, trade, family, labour and corporate law, with the participation of parties of different nationalities, are among the disputes which our sworn interpreters deal with on a regular basis.

International legal disputes in the areas of trademark law, patent law, fusion law, anti-trust law, and termination rights are not uncommon. Our experts can help you.

Some of the companies that rely on the services of Glossa Group: