Glossa Language Training

Our training courses are set up to cater for different needs and interests. Glossa Group provides support to everyone with high linguistic/cultural demands that have to be combined with the specialist requirements of the modern, networked world. This is done through linguistic experts and professional help and thus learning the respective language in a qualified manner.

We offer language training courses for specific professional groups as well in specific subject fields such as "Business language", "Adequate language in science", "Legal terms" or customised technical terminology topics.  

Glossa Group pursues a diversified method approach in all language training courses, which are individually adapted to the target group and thus enable optimum teaching and learning. Communicative learning methods are combined through efficient audiolingual and audiovisual methods and our linguistic know-how. In addition to target language training courses, important contents are imparted to the participants in comprehensible, dialogue case examples, which are elaborated using communication psychology models such as the four-sides model. Training involving team and individual exercises enables interactive training and practical feedback.

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