Language Training

Thanks to numerous target and source languages, our language training courses enable you to move sure-footed, both culturally and professionally, in today's global world.

Leadership and personnel management

The "Leadership and personnel management" language seminars are aimed at both prospective and experienced managers who wish to gain comprehensive leadership skills and implement them successfully. Within every multilingual or internationally active company, in-house changes, new department objectives and business communication with staff must be conveyed individually and constructively. Glossa Group trains managers, makes them aware of language barriers and imparts valuable parameters for success through its extensive own experience in the area of multilingual business management.

Legal terms, negotiation and conclusion of a business transaction

Effective negotiation and communication skills form the basis for legal negotiations and the conclusion of a contract/business transaction. Our experts provide information about linguistic hurdles, specify legal intricacies and teach how to use legal terms correctly in the target language.

Job specification

We offer a target language specialisation for commercial, medical and technical groups, as well as other professional groups. This can be for professional qualifications, job applications in the target country or business activities.

Communication and presentation skills of employees

The language specialists at Glossa Group determine the optimisation possibilities in numerous spheres of the communication and presentation skills of employees within a company. Advanced training through practical contents provides maximum success when communicating with international customers and partners.


Economy-related language knowledge and economic interrelations are imparted in the scope of this training course. Good basic knowledge of the target language and commercial experience are important requirements.

Business language

A training course in the target business language in technical, medical, commercial or social specialist fields through subject-specific, practical vocabulary and designated communication skills rounds off the professional portfolio.

Cultural Awareness

Glossa Group provides the requisite know-how for globally active companies that wish to optimise their English or German communication (other languages upon request) with in-house experts on an international basis in order to use potentials effectively. Ministerial staff or cultural officers from a public authority can also can improve their communication with clients by training their linguistic and intercultural awareness.

Some of the companies that rely on the services of Glossa Group: