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It is by no means too much to claim that myproof, our online tool for checking and verifying the quality of translations launched in 2014, is a world first. As the first system designed for the controlled and methodologically secure testing of translations, myproof is able to provide significant key performance indicators on translation quality on an immediate or long-term basis:

  • myproof Platform, the quick-check system for an immediate initial assessment of the quality of critical translations.
  • myproof Manager, the customisable workflow server system for assuring quality over the long term designed for the continuous and systematised checking and correction of large translation volumes according to a predefined methodology.

myproof Manager

GLOSSA GROUP’s translation check system designed for high text volumes for everyone who needs continuous verification. Option of involving your choice of proofreaders. Systematic integration of translation checks in the overall process!

myproof Manager is a multi-stage proofreader-integrated check and correction system for continuously high text volumes. This user-friendly workflow system enables check-relevant documents and text segments to be automatically selected and extracted within a systematised environment. These are then forwarded to proofreaders for checking according to a predefined methodology in which the detection, weighting, assessment and correction of errors takes place. Amendments are updated to the translation memory.

myproof Manager is based on a practical, flexible further development of the linguistic quality parameters of ISO11669, the automotive standard SAE-J2450 and the assessment methodology set out in the LISA QA model.

Advantages of myproof Manager

Benefit from myproof Manager

myproof Platform

GLOSSA GROUP’s proofreader-based translation quick-check system for everyone who needs immediate verification.

Check translation quality online!

myproof Platform is an online translation check and validation system involving regular proofreaders for significant initial quality assessment. After registering in the system the user can upload translated documents. A confidential, quick and clearly defined error check is then carried out as well as a quality assessment of the translations signed by qualified proofreaders.

Advantages of myproof Platform

Benefit from myproof Platform

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